Byrd Sounds

Byrd Sounds is 1) a performance ensemble and 2) a music education service. The two entities share a uniform marketing strategy focused on top quality choral music and state-of-the-art teaching methods.

Byrd Sounds Chorus (the performance ensemble) is a group of vocalists currently featuring Nila Rajagopal, Daniele Loach, Mathias Memmel and Peter Neelands, all of whom are accomplished musicians with excellent ties to the Toronto music community. The quartet repertoire features music based on the high Anglican tradition and serves a high-end target market of public events, such as weddings, funerals, baptisms, church services and community functions.

Byrd Sounds (the music education service) is based on Dalcroze Eurhythmics, rooted from the teaching methods of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, with a target market of young children and youth. An ultimate goal for the organization is to have a permanent studio in Toronto designed to be a user-friendly and welcoming destination for kids to experience the many benefits of music for young minds.


King's College Choir, Cambridge, England

British Choral Tradition

William Byrd was one of the most important composers during the Tudor era in England. He was born in London around 1540 to a musical family and spent most of his life in the service of Queen Elizabeth I as an organist and composer of the Royal Chapel, with Thomas Tallis. Byrd died in London in 1623 after a long compositional career, with an output of over 450 compositions, many for the Anglican church, but also a large amount for the recusant Catholic church, of which he was a member.

During Elizabeth's reign, the Anglican choral tradition became one of the highest-regarded sacred musical traditions in the world. It remains so to this day in cathedrals like St. Paul's in London, in university choirs such as King's College, Cambridge, and in churches and organizations everywhere.

Toronto is a major international outpost of Anglican choral music, one of the reasons why William Byrd is so profoundly respected here. We are proud to use the name Byrd Sounds and share some of the amazing music from this brilliant era of choral tradition.


William Byrd